I’m Not Afraid of Communism

Samuel Smurlo
2 min readApr 29, 2022

I believe in economics. I don’t mean that I believe in the power of money. I believe in capitalism in so far as I believe that money and markets are an uncontrollable beast that react and respond to the actions of humans regardless of their intent. Capitalists believe that they can and should control this flow, economics could give two fucks about your beliefs because as far as the economy is concerned there are 7+ billion individual sets of belief that will influence it.

Capitalism and communism are effectively the same economic equations from different perspectives. Both understand that there are limited resources and infinite possibilities. Capitalism focuses on the limitations of physical resources: land, machines, raw materials; communism focuses on the labor, the human element. If I’m only ever going to be a variable in an equation, why wouldn’t I choose the equation that at least purports to support my variability?

For most of human history, capital was the defining factor of our societies. The person with the most stuff was often in charge. Most often this was because they were willing to kill for it. At some point, we started having conversations about how maybe, just maybe killing each other is a bad idea. So we formed coalitions and governments and came up with ways to manipulate resources without the need for violence. Currency, markets, the entire economic system: nothing more than tools to achieve outcomes.

Like any tool, when used inappropriately they cause as much harm as they do good. We have hit a point in human progression that is showing exactly how dangerous it is to rely solely on capitalistic principles. A healthy economy should trickle down. Actually, even trickle down is a misnomer, a healthy economy should flow. Every laborer is equally a consumer, capital requires both and should invest equally in both. If money being spent is pooling at the top and not being properly diverted down stream, eventually the dam will burst. Historically war is how we burst that dam.

There are practically no wars in human history that aren’t at least partially fueled by some jackass that didn’t like to share. As we’ve moved into the modern era, we like to act like we’re above war despite the fact that there is always war somewhere. Which means that one of two things must be true: 1. jackasses that don’t like to share are an inescapable part of human existence. 2. we are the jackasses that don’t like to share. And there is no reason both can’t be true.

I hate sharing my space. I love having places that are mine and mine alone, everybody else keep the fuck out. I am downright cruel to people that disrupt my space. At the same time, I live in a 39m² apartment with my husband and dog and for the most part we don’t find ourselves in conflict. Communication, compromise, compassion: things you can’t slap a price tag on, but can allow you to do a lot more with a lot less.

Samuel Smurlo

I mostly write for me and on the off chance that someone can gain something from my thoughts I publish them here.