There Have Never Been Any Adults

Samuel Smurlo
2 min readApr 1, 2022

I am sick and fucking tired of this soulful mourning for the past. Remember when our politicians had class? Remember when people knew how to behave themselves? Remember when the world was only made of perfect specimens and everyone followed the rules? THIS WAS NEVER TRUE.

History is written by the victors. Sure, it’s a cliché, but at least historically, it is true. The act of being able to write things down and pass them along was coveted and protected by “the elites.” Now everyone is up in arms because “stupid people are allowed to have opinions on the internet.” As if stupid people weren’t having opinions long before the internet. As if they themselves aren’t stupid people on the internet.

Politicians didn’t used to have class. They used to have such a monopoly on power and information that who they were in public was wildly different from who they were in private. When half the population can’t read or write, and those in power simply kill those with anything negative to say, of course to the outside perspective it looks like the epitome of class and decorum.

People have never behaved. Right here, right now. Truly the most behaved humanity has ever been. Have you actually read about the Spanish Flu? Have you actually read about American lynching? Have you taken the time to ask your own father how many men he’s beat or killed?

Being alive at any point in history sucks. It’s fucking hard work. The world is filled with people each with their own opinions and ideals about what being alive at this point in history is all about. Time spent fretting about how things used to be done is time missed getting things done in the here and now.

I’m not perfect. No one is. That’s the point. There is no perfect human. There is no perfect system. There is no right way to be human, but there sure is a wrong way. The wrong way is assuming you know what is best for anyone other than yourself. The wrong way is attempting to apply rules and regulations to other people. The wrong way is acting like you are a paragon of correctness when literally none of us are.

History has a history of becoming more accurate the longer it sits. No one is a victor forever. We ebb from miraculous angels bestowing light and gratitude upon our fellow humans and flow to hideous demons hoarding every scrap for ourselves, stepping across a thousand veins of humanity in the process. This dichotomy lives in everyone. Each person is responsible for finding the grace and wisdom to balance this inner turmoil for themselves, but we’re also required to understand that everyone’s fight is unique and there will never be a surefire way to battle back the demons.



Samuel Smurlo

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